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E-book Layout & Design


If you would like to have your book, poems, catalog, research study, or any other information created as a professional electronical file (e.g.: e-book), either for internet or print use, please request a quote here.

Every e-book has bookmarks, a table of contents with clickable hyperlinks, and optionally, an alphabetically sorted index, with clickable hyperlinks.

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Of course, a unique cover and back page design can be added, as well as photos, graphics or charts if you wish.

Also optional, different levels of permissions can be applied, e.g.:
---- YES / NO Printing
---- YES / NO Changing the Document
---- YES / NO Content Copying or Extracting
---- YES / NO Adding or Changing Comments and Form Fields

or even password protection.






e-book design example
It Works!
e-book design example
e-book design example
ebook design example
ebook design example
ebook design example
ebook design example
e-book design example
e-book design example
e-book design example
e-book design example


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