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Customized Twitter Background

Have your twitter account optimized with a customized background based on your business brand or your personal online appearance.

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Web Site for Mobile Devices


The use of the "mobile internet" has grown rapidly, but almost all web sites run poorly, if they run at all, on iPhones, Smartphones, PDA and other handhelds.

  1. mobile design for your existing website, 3 pages including contact form
  2. mobile design for your existing website, 8 pages including contact form and clickable phone number
  3. mobile design for your existing website, 20 pages including contact form, clickable phone number and optional Paypal or Google order buttons



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A client's mobile site: http://m.clearchoiceantifreeze.com/

Two big ones: http://m.microsoft.com  or  http://m.twitter.com

This web site of course: http://m.1-2-3-design.com


(The above web site URLs are meant for the use on your cell phone, iPhone or handheld, but of course, you can check it with your website browser right now :-)

On your cell phone, with much smaller display, it will look like the animation on the left.



Domain Name Sale:

Such complete Domain-Packages (with all Top-Level Domains) are truly rare nowadays!