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"Artist sarawonder was known in Germany (1987-1998) as the fastest portrait painter, she drew fast portraits in less than a minute. In March 94 she drew her fastest portrait in 7.58 seconds for the Guinness Book of World Records, published in 95. Sarawonder is still available as a fast portrait artist for state fairs, big events, parties and special occasions. Sarawonder also has created traditional art in many different mediums such as oil, water color, pencil, chalk, pastel on canvas, paper and other materials. Since 1998 her main focus is Digital Art - she creates images, layouts, graphics, and graphic designs, as well as animations and web designs for a variety of customers, - unbelievable, there is still time left to compose music.

On this site you will find examples of her traditional painted images, digital images, animated pictures and Flash animations, graphic layouts, photos, portraits and paintings. These examples of her desktop publishing, art, catalogs, flyers, web design and photo post production work, will give you an insight into her multi-faceted talents."

- Roger Hays -


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